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Book about Law relating to COVID-19


The entire globe is going through a Pandemic that was never thought or not even imagined before. With the outbreak of this virus all over the world, it certainly had made a lot of chaos among the common citizen. India is now at 4th position in terms of positive cases (almost 3.5 lakh till 16th June 2020). As the lockdown is slowly being uplifted to accelerate the economy, it has been more difficult for the government to control its citizen.

As there is no vaccine yet available for this deadly virus, people strictly need to maintain the guidelines provided by the World Health Organisation. Personal hygiene, physical distance, use of masks are some common norms that every single person needs to follow. Different Countries have implemented different rules and laws which would be worth and suitable for the citizen to follow. However, the virus has made the most powerful countries to be the most helpless.

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However, the ease in the lockdown, the return of migrant laborers, and allowance of interstate bus and train service have increased the graph of the positive cases in the state. For the survival of the economy, the state govt could never think of a serious lockdown again. The one and the only way is to strictly obey the rules and laws.

The Bijay’s Law Series has published a book titled “LAW RELATING TO COVID-19”. Compiled by public prosecutor {OSPS-I(SB)}, Chittaranjan Kanungo, this book will make everyone to know about the acts, rules, ordinances, and notifications that are related to COVID-19.


In addition, the book will be very effective for the Court, lawyers, Prosecutors, Police Officers, and Researchers in their professional and academic pursuits. Various aspects like ‘fake forwards’, ‘threatening someone relating to the virus’, ‘escaping from isolation wards’ are covered in this book. This book will make people know the acts and its punishable criterion in
a very simple way.

In the press conference, Chittaranjan Kanungo said, “ the book aims to all the relevant laws, the punishment for violation and the ways to fight and beat this pandemic.” He also added, “ the book is quite useful for the Police and Govt staffs to tackle such situation.” The team, Bijay Publication feels the book “LAW RELATING TO COVID-19” is an absolute essential
for every general citizen.

However this a great step by “Bijay Publication” which would certainly make the citizen aware of everything related to the Pandemic. Interestingly adaption of this book will make people know about a pinch of Indian Penal Code and its sections, its act, and its consequences.

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