Leelamaya Sai

“Leelamaya Sai”  is a beautiful creation of author/lyricist/Poet Mr.Bibhuti Swain . This holy book of Sai Baba will take  you to the divine world of Sai Baba . From beginning to the end every page will help you know and discover a lot more about Sai Baba . Apart  from that the holy sayings of Baba will teach you good morals of Life . Baba always says “Sabka Malik Ek” and “Sradha Saburi” . While moving on with the chapters of this holy book , you will witness the true essence of these 2 words. “ Leelamaya Sai “ is a holy presentation of Bijay Nanda , published and distributed by Bijay Book Depot, College Sqr Cuttack.

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