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Bidyadharpur Cuttack Kali Puja

After the festival of lights, Diwali and Kali Puja in the silver city of Odisha – Cuttack , Bidyadharpur Kali puja on the eastern fringes of the city begins.Goddess Kali is worshiped in 3 Puja Mandaps in the locality in a unique way.From Kali Puja the localities witness the biggest gathering in next seven days as the week-long puja here till it culminate .With Goddess Kali , Lord Shiva , Lord Kartikeswar and Lord Krishna’s idols are worshipped in different puja mandaps .

There are about 32 Puja mandaps participate in the festive .Although, people in this part of the city participate in the gaieties of annual Durga Puja of the city they keep a major share of their budget to spend on these local celebrations.

Kali Puja in Bidyadharpur is believed to be the one of the oldest in the city and even today following the unique tradition, the devotees carry the idols of Goddess Kali in their soldiers during the immersion procession.


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