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Arts & Crafts from Odisha that are making waves Globally


Odisha, the land of art and culture is famous for its rich art and culture. Odisha, the land of renowned artists and craftsmen,  holds a rich artistic tradition that enjoyed liberal patronage from the temples as well as the nobility. Apart from temples, the enthralling craftwork of Odisha depicts the magic of the deft hands of these artisans and puts forth a perfect medium to get a glimpse of the spectacular world of a craftsmen’s imagination. Here is a glimpse at the numerous art forms and crafts that reveal the ancient beauty and the refined skills of the artisans of Odisha.

Arts & Crafts from Odisha that are making waves Globally

1. Stone Carvings

2. Pattachitra

3. Sand Art

4. Silver Filigree

5. Applique Works

6. Palm Leaf Etching

7. Brass and Dhokra Works

8. Papier Mache

9. Horn Bone Craft

10. Tassar Patta

11. Ikat(Tie & Dye weaving)

12. Coir Craft

13. Odisha Art Bottles

14. Terracotta Crafts

15. Santhal and Saora Paintings




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