Incredible Odisha

Listen to Tanabe Akio the Japanese Professor speaks in Odia about Odisha culture


Tanabe Akio is a professor at the Department of Cultural Anthropology in Tokio University. He is an expert in the history and culture of Odisha.

Tanabe Akio, a Cultural anthropologist from Tokyo University speaking in fluent Odia is making waves on YouTube and social media. It feels proud of being an Odia to a Japanese national’s fluency in the language and his understanding of Jagannath culture, which is the cornerstone of Odisha’s cultural and religious amalgamation.

The video will give you goosebumps. Thanks to Amit Mishra’s youtube channel. In chitchat with Amit, he talks about the Odia language, why Odisha is different? He also talks about the great Lord Jagannath Culture & shares his experience with Odisha & Odia people.

Tanabe recounts his first visit to Odisha in 1990 as a Ph.D. student to do research on inter-caste relationship from a historical and anthropological viewpoint. In phases, he has almost lived six to seven years in the state. During his stay in Khurda, his interaction with people of Khandayat caste provided his insights into the Paika rebellion. He also spent time in Puri.

Speaking on Odisha’s influence in Japan, Tanabe draws a parallel between Ratha Jatra and a chariot festival in his country. Though there is no evidence of it being influenced by the one in Puri, there are similarities between the two, he says.


He concludes with an ‘Agnya’ which clearly shows his familiarity with Odia and Odisha.

The video way backs in 2017 but still looks fresh and inspiring.

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