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8 interesting facts about Bali yatra Cuttack


The biggest festival in the millenium city has already begun. It is said you will get everything at baliyatra except parents.The festive starts on Karthik Purnima every year cross the river bed of Mahanadi.From a small Pan shop to Big MNCs install their respective stalls in old & new Baliyatra field.

Here are the 10 interesting facts about Bali yatra , Cuttack 

  • Bali yatra is held over 37 acres, of which 23 acres are on the Mahanadi river bed and 14 on Kila Maidan near the Barabati fort.

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  • The fair begins from the full moon day of Kartik i.e Kartika Purnima  every year as a reminder of Odisha’s rich maritime past.
  • It is the biggest trade fair in Odisha .

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  • Bali Yatra is also the greatest platform in the state to promote or launch a product or brand .
  • It is said , you will find everything in Bali yatra except Parents .

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  • The festive is also famous for special Thunkapuri  .


  • Lord Kartikeswar is being worshiped in the festival and every day respective puja committees makes their immersion procession to Gadagadia Ghat .

Gupta sports cuttack

  • People from different parts of the state and outside the state visits the fair .