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Bay of Bengal was once Kalinga Sagara


Bay of Bengal was once Kalinga Sagara. What would be your reaction if we say that the Bay of Bengal was not actually the Bay of Bengal but it was before known as The Kalinga Sagar and it was renamed as the Bay of Bengal by the Britishers. To know about the full information keep reading this till the end?

This was a debatable issue that came that the Bay of Bengal was actually known as KalingaSagar or Kalinga Mahodadhi. This was renamed by the tactful attempt of Britishers as they changed the name under the colonial period. This fact isn’t fake as it is confirmed by renowned historians, the point that convinced them to tell this was that Odisha had a coastline of around 480 kilometers on the Bay of Bengal whereas only 374 kilometers of coastline was of West Bengal. A very famous and eminent historian Himanshu Shekhar Nandi conducted a tip to toe research on this and assured that the Bay of Bengal was never mentioned anywhere in the history ever before.

In the same way, Chakradhar Mahapatra’s exquisite writer has given many hints in the support of this topic in his work “Swasita”. Elaborated description of Kalinga Sagar in the earliest Buddhist scriptures was also found during the 7th and 8th centuries AD. For evidence, the map ancient India, published in the first section of the history of Bengal Trikalinga map in a book named history of Odisha by RD Banerjee publicly proves the fact.

Bay of Bengal was once Kalinga Sagara

When the map of 1575 was published featuring India after the Mughals settlement there was mention of Kalinga Mahodadhi. On this, the famous historian Satya narayana Rajguru hinted that in the ancient maps of Odisha during the reign of kharvela, that is the kingdom of Kalinga had mentioned the Kalinga Mahodadhi and Kalinga Sagar. The topic doesn’t end here,  many other renowned and eminent historians and researchers have also claimed that in the ancient maps of Danda bhakti Toshali, Uttara, Tri Kalinga, Kalinga there is no mention of Bay of Bengal at any place.

Similarly, many intellectuals of contemporary times have also called for much detailed research guarding this specific topic. A point that is to be noted is during the middle ages or during the reign of Narasingh Dev, many people came in order to serve their business purposes but ultimately had ulterior motives as they had already strengthened their base in the Bengal province.

Anyway during the British rule the Kalinga Sagar was renamed as the Bay of Bengal but even after so many years of Independence we still have water disputes especially the border dispute with West Bengal regarding Udaypur district of Bhogaral block in Balasore is worsening day by day.

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