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Badi Chura : The best side dish with Pakhala

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Badi Chura is the most favorite side dish to enjoy with Pakhala (Water Rice). You can also have it with Curd Rice. Badi Chura is made by grinding badi with green chili, onion, and garlic. It is basically a side dish. Anyone and everyone can make this easy and yummy recipe.

It is a constant fixture in Odia meals, especially when an Odia eat Pakhala. Badi is dried lentils and is usually made in fall and stored away for the year. It comes in handy as a quick side dish when you have to put a meal together in a short span of time.

Badi Chura Recipe: Badi Chura – The best side dish with Pakhala

Preparation Time: 10 Min
Cook Time: 5 Min
Serves: 4-5 People

Ingredients required to make Badi Chura

15-20 Urad dal badis
6-7 flakes of Garlics
3 to 4 Onions
3 green chilies
2-3 tsp of mustard oil
Salt to taste

Steps to make Badi Chura

Heat a pan. Roast the badis.
Coarsely grind the Garlic, Onion, Chillies, and Badis.
Add salt and mustard oil to the above mixture.

Your dish is ready. Serve it with Pakhala or Curd Rice.

Recipe By: Sony Jena.

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