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8 Unforgettable Childhood games


8 Unforgettable Childhood games: The days will never come back. It’s the sweet memories of life. The most precious days – Our Childhood.When the game was a part of our daily time table. Be it in our game period or after school, we never forget playing our favorite indoor and outdoor games. If you compare those days with the children of the present generation, the games have changed a lot when you consider the fact that children hardly go out to play anymore.

For the current generation, the game either has to be on a computer, a play station, or a cellular phone. Our childhood passed with playing a variety of indoor and outdoor games that help them build their social skills as well as the skills in the games. It is said that children today prefer not to play these games as it was an integral part of growing up in Odisha.

Let us look at the top 10 childhood games which every Odia must have played :

1: Luchakali / Hide & Seek:  Luchakali meaning Hide and Seek is without a doubt one of the most popular games played by children all around the world. There is one seeker in this game who has to find all the other players in the game, each time a player is found out, he/she has to join in the search for the other players. There are some other versions of this game too but this is the most popular one.

2. Bohu Chori: This game is probably the game born in Odisha. The game is a little similar to Kabbadi with 9 players on each team. Here 2 will come to play infield and there would be 2 boxes in the opposite end of the crease and 2 players will be groom & bride. The groom has to take the bride to the other box.

3. Danga Pani: The game is mostly played in rural Odisha. This is also one of the most played games where there will be one player who will be responsible to catch another player.

4. Chora Police: Chora-Police is Odia’s equivalent of the tag. As the name suggests, there are the thieves (chora) and then there are the police. The players in this game divide up into two teams. The police have the task of catching the chor and then the turn changes. It is one of the most popular games played by children all over the world with different names and a slight change in rules, but the overall objective remains the same.

8 Unforgettable Childhood games

5. Bati / Marbles: This game involves the use of round glass marbles that are easily available at the neighborhood shops. The object of playing Bati/Goli/Marbles is to collect as many as you can by striking the opponent’s marbles. Many different Bati/Goli/Marbles games exist and children make up their own versions as they go too.

6. Guchi Tandu: Guchi Tandu is one of the most well-known childhood games played in rural Odisha. It is a popular street game that rivals the popularity of cricket at some stage. The game is played with a small piece of wood tapered on both sides known as guchi and a larger piece of wood that is used to strike the Guchi known as tandu. The object of the game is to get the guchi as far away from the home base as possible. The rules are amazingly similar to cricket and in some way it is a crude form of the more popular sport.

7. Rumal Chori:  The cutest game of childhood, played mostly in pre-schools where kids are said to sit in a round circle shape and one with a handkerchief and put at the back of anyone he likes and the other has to catch him after getting handkerchief.

8. Kabaddi: India is hardly beaten by any country in Kabbadi.Kabbadi is again a very popular game among kids in the state. Two teams stand on opposite halves of an enclosure that is halved. Each team takes turns to send in a raider to the other side. Points are given to the players for tackling the opposing team and returning back to their own half. The most interesting part is the Kabbadi chant which the raider has to maintain while he/she is on the other side.




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