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10 Lord Jagannath Bhajan by Bollywood Singers

Lord Jagannath’s devotional songs belong to a special genre of their own. They refer to musical songs, chants, mantra that are sung in order to please gods, experience spirituality and to celebrate the great jagannath Culture. These devotional songs are a way to be closer to the Lord of the Universe.From time unknown or rather precisely the advent of music in history, devotional songs are being composed , like the Gitagobinda and many other beautiful compositions . The songs which are dedicated to Lord Jagannath are a part of every Lord Jagannath disiples life . There are many Jagannath bhajans sung by singers of Odisha / Ollywood . Bollywood singers like Sonu Nigam , Mohd Aziz , Anup Jaloota , Aruradha Poudwal and others have sung many beautiful Lord Jagannath Bhajans which are the favorite of million Odia’s . Here are the list of Lord Jagannath Bhajan which are widely appreciated.

10 Lord Jagannath Bhajan/Devotional Song by renowned Bollywood Singers 

1. Keri Keri Suna Duba – Anuradha Paudwal  The-pizza-station-cuttack

2. Chandana Makhile Gora heijiba ki  – Sonu Nigam

3. Madhaba he Madhaba – Anoop Jalota

4. To Agare kichi Dhupa  – Sonu Nigam / Anuradha Paudwal

5. Kalia re mana boli  – Anuradha Paudwal

6. Chal begi begi Jiba Sangata – Sonu Nigam

7. Ranka Ratana re  – Mohd. Aziz

8.  Cha Khanda Katha re heba sabari – Sonu Nigam / Anuradha Podwal

9. Kala Thakura – Anoop Jalota

10 – Eke ek dui Chaka Akhi Dui – Sonu Nigam

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