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Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Mantra – The Most Powerful Durga Mantra


If you are looking for Maa Durga Mantras, then we have a new devotional music album of Goddess Durga for you. The mantra which you can chant every morning seeking the blessing of Maa, especially in Mohalaya and Durga puja week.   Listen to the song to remove negative and evil forces from your life & remove bad luck from your life.

The prayer to Goddess Durga is practiced in various forms and Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu is one of the most popular prayers to Devi. The holy mantra of the Goddess means “We bow again and again to Devi (Mother Goddess) who resides in us as wisdom, intelligence, strength, and consciousness!”

This mantra has been performed by a new devotional music band by Barish Biswajit and the team at Symphony studio, Cuttack. Their unique rendition gives a beautiful world music kind of feel to the sacred verses while retaining their sanctity.

The Maa Durga Mantras is production by RanjanRashmi Productions. The mantra is sung by Barish Biswajit, Reetiparna Nayak & Saswatika Pradhan, Subhakant Sahoo, Sankar Behera, Biswajit Mishra.  The Durga Mantra is composed by the young singer, composer Barish Biswajit.

Ya Devi Sarba Bhuteshu Song Credits

a RanjanRashmi Productions
Singer – Barish Biswajit
Chorus Vocals – Saswatika Pradhan, Reetiparna Nayak, Subhakant Sahoo, Sankar Behera, Biswajit Mishra.
Composed by – Barish Biswajit.
Arranged By – Ashis, Barish , Sekhar Suman.
Keyboard and Special effects – Muna da.
Mixed and mastered by – Sekhar Suman ( Symphony Studio. Cuttack )

Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Shakti Rupena Sansthita Mantra Male Version

Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Matru Rupena Sansthita Mantra Female Version


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