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Without teachers life would have no Class : From the COVID Diaries

Without teachers life would have no Class: A widely used phrase itself tells us how important teachers and at the same time how lucky we are to have our teachers as a mentor who is always there to monitor and enhance our skills. Indeed every teacher is the backbone of the society and without teachers nothing is possible.

In this difficult situation of a deadly COVID-19 global pandemic, our lives have been affected directly or indirectly. This had totally changed our lifestyle and somehow have reduced our productivity. But there are still people who are working tirelessly for the people. Not only doctors, police officers, but I would also like to convey my gratitude to all the companies, small scale businesses who have banned Chinese products and to most importantly our teachers.

After this situation prevailed perhaps everything nowadays is done digitally and same is the new education system that has been conducting an online class for the students so that there will be no problem for their education. For this, not only the school officials but also the teachers have been working hard. This sudden change of situation where the physical classes were replaced by the online ones demands a greater capability of adaptation. And our teachers have gracefully done their duty in this situation too.

Around a couple of days ago a picture went viral in the social media where a teacher was using the refrigerator tray to teach their students. Jeyaishwari R Nadar, a mathematics teacher at Gandhi Memorial English High School, Mumbai went viral. In the picture, she was seen teaching her students by using the tray.

Without teachers life would have no Class

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On being asked she said that being a maths teacher she felt the need of a broad where she can write notes or perform sums so that the students can see them properly and copy without any confusion or mistake but as the classes were online she has been constantly searching for something transparent that she can use so that the notes and sums that she does will be visible to the students clearly. She used the small plastic containers that are used in the kitchen to store stuff and a refrigerator tray.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The need of the board made her regenerate this through her creativity. She also requested everyone to not term this as jugaad because they are doing this for the sake of children so that their education doesn’t get affected. She also said that this terrific situation also failed to question their efficiency and she along with all the teachers have given their best to fulfill the duty they have sworn to. Let’s please appreciate the efforts teachers are making for us in spite of getting merely half of the salary and double troubles.

Salute to the Nation makers and their dedication towards making India a better country and making its citizens capable of standing in their own feet. Teachers, parents, real friends are the face of selfless love and their support can help you touch the heights of success.

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