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Watch mahaprabhu Jagannath Katha on Vighnaharta Ganesh

Watch Mahaprabhu Jagannath Katha on Vighnaharta Ganesh. Sony Entertainment Television’s devotional show Vighnaharta Ganesh showcased the story of the holy temple of Lord Jagannath located in Puri. The episodes show about Lord Nilamadhav, Lord Jagannath temple construction, the beginning of the great Jagannath culture, the presence of Shri Mandir in Satya Yug, Bedi Hanuman or Bedi Mahavir, the role of Lord Hanuman and Dev Rishi Narad, the story of Maha Prasad, and lesser-known significance of the Jagannath Puri temple.

Further continuing the tales of Jagannath Puri, the viewers also learned about the tradition of Rathyatra, how it began in Vrindaban. A devotee of Lord Jagannath learns an important lesson and what led to the auspicious day of Ganesha Vesha.

Viewers will witness how Lord Krishna declares that in Kalyug, his rath would leave from Lord Jagannath, the God of the Universe’s temple which is equivalent to Dwarka, and will reach to Gundicha mandir which is the equivalent of Vrindavan.

Lord Jagannath’s devoted bhakt Madhav who goes in search of the Lord learns an important lesson and, in the last story, viewers will see how Lord Jagannath appears in the guise of Lord Ganesh and blesses his Bhakt.

The episode Lord Jagannath Katha begins with episode number 886. You can watch all the episodes on the SONYLIV app, SET India and say Jai Jagannath Jai Jai Jagannath.

Watch Mahaprabhu Jagannath Katha on Vighnaharta Ganesh

Watch mahaprabhu Jagannath Katha on Vighnaharta Ganesh

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