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Viswakarma Puja in Odisha


Vishwakarma is visualized as the Ultimate reality in the Rig Veda, from whose navel all visible things emanate. The same imagery is seen in Yajurveda purusha sukta, where the divine smith Tvastar originates from Vishwakarma.

Viswakarma is known as the divine engineer since the Puranic age. As a mark of reverence He is still worshipped specially by the engineering community. The festival is observed on the Kanya Sankranti Day (September) which follows the Ganesh Puja, in every industrial towns of Odisha. Towns like Hirakud and Rourkela present the grandest ceremony on the occasion depicting different fire works connected with modern technology.The festival of the God of Architecture is mainly done in factories and industrial areas. Shop floors in various factories wear a festive look on this occasion. In beautifully decorated pandals the image of Biswakarma and his faithful elephant are inaugurated and worshipped. Viswakarma is the divine architect of the whole universe and is personification of the creative power that wields heaven and earth together. He has four hands, carrying a water-pot, a book, a noose and craftsman’s tools. All the divine weapons, chariots, etc. possessed by gods are his creation. He is also the chief architect and builder of Lanka, Dwarka and Yampuri. His daughter Sanjana was married to Surya (Sun-God) and Saranya to Vaivaswat Manu. Mythology says that it was Viswakarma who crafted the entire universe, and that is why he is regarded as the supreme worker, the very essence of excellence and quality in craftsmanship. He revealed the sciences of industry to man and is the patron deity of all those who are engaged in productive enterprises.



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