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Dhabalamukhi Maa Samaleshwari


Throughout the Year Maa Samalei gives darshan to the devotees in blood red sindur avatar but on the special auspicious occasion of Sradha Mahalaya Maa gives darshan in this white faced calm avatar i.e popularly known as “Dhabalamukhi Besa” or “Whitefaced avatar” or “Ganga Darshan” . Maa Samaleswari’s Dhabalamukhi Besa is the creation from the combined shakti of Maa Saraswati , Maa mahakali and Maa Maha Laxmi . One day before Sradha Mahalaya Maa gives darshan in Sati Besa to her devotees . Maa lives in this avatar for 2 days . It is also believed that the person who get the oppurtunity to have darshan of Maa is lucky and gets blessings of Maa.


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