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Tunde dhara Shiva Nama Bhajan

For Devotional Music Concert or Bhajan Sandhya Contact : KaliDas Bhajan Group , Cuttack
(Mob : 9437449689) .
The group with renowned  singers of Ollywood.

After the success of Ratha Yatra and Nabakalebara 2015 Bhajan titled “Bhakta ra Bhagawan” and “Bolo Jai jagannath” , Satya Behera Bhajans is coming up with new devotional album for the devotees of Lord Shiva on the speical occasion of Kaudi yatra or Bol Bum .The devotional music album has 8 songs and is titled “Tunde dhara Shiva Nama” .The music of the devotional album is penned and composed by Satya Behera (Nanu) .Odisha’s leading singers like Nishiprava , Satya and Amit has given their voice in the album . The music cds of the album is now available and selected stores across Odisha .

About Bol Bum Rituals :   The festivals run during the monsoon month Shaawan (August–September). After taking water nearby river that wind up in the Ganges, kanwariyas or Shiv Bhaktas (disciples of Shiva)(Kaudi wala in Odia), are mandated to travel barefooted and in saffron robes with their Kanwar (walking sticks used to hang the urns of water) in various routes and usually in groups made of family, friends and or neighbors, and return to their own local or other more prestigious and larger Shiva Temples to pour Gangajal on Lord Shiva (Shiv Linga). On the march pilgrims continuously sprinkle any and all talk with “Bol Bum” (speak the name of Bam) and sing Bhajans (hymns) to praise his name. For More … 

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