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Top 10 songs of Raja 2015 released Odia films

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Three Odia films Love You Hamesha , Gapa Hele bi Sata and Super Michua  released this Raja and all the films were accepted the films . All the films were musical hits . The music of Love You Hamesha and Gapa Hele bi Sata was composed by Prem Anand and the music of Super Michua was composed by Bikash Das . After a long duration Ollywood legendary singers Kumar Bapi and T.Shourie has sung for Ollywood Superstar Anubhav Mohanty . Human Sagar , Babushan , Sohini Mishra and Sricharan had also sang for respective films . Here we bring you the list of Top 10 songs from the Raja/Rajo 2015 reeased films . (* The list has top 10 songs and are not in Order)

1. Ki Kalu ae Jibana – Love You Hamesha (Male & Female)

2. Love You Hamesha – Title

3. Barsha Barsha – Gapa Hele bi Sata

4. Sunyata Ku Pachare jebe – Super Michua

5. Gote Sua gote Sari – Title

6. Kebe Tu Gauchu – Gapa hele bi Sata

7. Mu aji bhari Khusi – Love You Hamesha

8. Kemiti Kahibi tate – Super Michua

9.Badmaas Mana – Love You Hamesha

10. Tate Gaii Dele tu Gapa hei Jau – Gapa hele bi Sata

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