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These 10 ‘Khoka Bhai’ songs will change your mood


The iconic musician of Odia film industry Akshaya Mohanty (12 October 1936- 17 November 2002) popularly known as ‘Khoka Bhai’ continues to remain alive among music lovers & rule their heart across the state through his evergreen compositions. He is known as one of the best music director of all time in Ollywood, Akshaya Mohanty was a maestro when it came to romantic songs. But nothing compared to his funny Khatti songs –

Here is the list of 10 such amazing songs of our beloved Khoka Bhai having the potential of making you laugh to the fullest:

1. Ja re Bhasi Bhasi Ja — One of the most listened Odia song ever, this song is loved & will be loved by every Odia. If you visit Cuttack during Durga Puja or any Bhasani/Immersion festival you will find this song is every next procession.   The song narrates the funny discussion between a helm (a person who drives the boat) & girl from various places of Odisha. If you haven’t listened to it yet! Listen now.

2. Gharu Bahariley Baya Babu— When you are going through short-term memory loss.

3. Kabata Khola Priye— Never mess with your wife after getting drunk.

4. Premika Ra Bari Aade— A lover with ‘never give up’ spirit struggling to meet his partner and making his way through her backyard amid wild bushes.


5. Khoka Bhai Geeta— A date at girlfriend’s house with a deadline of a mere 15 minutes.

6. 10 Ta Bele Chala— a Story of every 10 to 5 job man.

7. Kataki Sandha— The saga of a bull roaming fearlessly in Cuttack city during Dussehra season.

8. Alo Jete Thara Gharaku Gali— Plight of every lover boy during 90s.

9. Mankada— Humans evolved from monkeys. The song echoes it.

10. Mu Jauthili— Tale of a young man caught by goons of a woman who forces him to marry her. He marries her daughter instead.




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