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The names of Baisi pahacha of Lord Jagannath Temple Puri


bhakta-ra-bhagawaaanLord Jagannath Temple Puri is famous for its unique culture . Every place , activities and rituals practiced in temple has some essence with in it . Sri Jagannath the Lord of the Universe is the apostle of humanism and Lord Jagannath culture is the culture of universal brotherhood, love, tolerance, equality and fraternity. The culture of Jagannath is not a sectarian religion but a cosmopolitan philosophy.The Jagannath culture has embraced all types of spiritual thought starting from primitive Savara tribal to ultra modern Krishna consciousness. It has given solace to all devotees hailing from the so called untouchable low caste, Islam, Jainism,Sikhism and even Christianity. Jagannath Cult is a pleasant synthesis of Vaishnavism, Saktism,Saivism and other sects of Hinduism.

While  entering the temple we have to climb the holy 22 steps or the  Baisi Pabacha to have a glimpse of Lord Jagannath  and all the steps has their own holy names . Here is the list of names of all the Baisi Pabacha .

1.Tidra  , 2 . Kumundati , 3. Manda , 4. Chalobati , 5. Dayabati  , 6. Rajani , 7. Ratika , 8.Raohi , 9. Krodha , 10. Bajrika , 11Prasarani

12.Priti , 13. Marjana , 14. Khati , 15. Rakta , 16. Sandhipani , 17.Alapani ,18. Mandanti , 19. Rohini , 20. Gamya , 21 . Ugra , 22 , Khorini

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