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This Bhubaneswar Anthem will make you feel Proud being a Khanti Bhubaneswariya


Here we have a song which will give you goosebumps being a Bhubaneswariya. The song produced by Orissa Post Live takes you in a ride through the best of the capital city of India’s best kept Secret. The city of temples is described in a nutshell “Not a Metro but developed yet so Retro.”

The Bhubaneswar anthem song was created to celebrate the grand finale of Bhubaneswar Bula Buli, a show by Orissa Post. The song is a tribute to the City of Temples.

Watch the song –

Hey, Bhubaneswar Song Credits:

Production OrissaPost Live
Editing & Direction Soumya Ranjan Satapathy
Writers, Singers and Hosts Akash Baghar | Samar Pratap Nayak
Music Anurag Patnaik
Drone Pilot Harsh Agarwal
Special mention Abinash Mohapatra (Brainstorming) Vishwajeet Dash / JustVish (cameo)
Parody inspiration Hey Soul Sister by Trains

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