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Superwomen Of Odisha Against Corona Virus


It was the 16th of March when Odisha recorded its first Corona positive case and till today, Odisha has shown a tremendous spirit and fight against the deadly Coronavirus. Odisha now has 2608 confirmed cases from which 1604 cases are fully recovered, 994 active patients, and only 10 unfortunate death.

As of June 04, 1,65,824 Corona tests are have been done all over Odisha which is higher than some dominant states like Punjab, Kerala, Bihar. Odisha has recorded the lowest death rate all over the globe and also shows great numbers in terms of rate and speed of recovery.

Positive cases of Odisha are mostly from the state returnees from Surat, West Bengal, Kerala, Delhi who are being brought back by Odisha govt.

The Government and the people of Odisha have shown great cooperation to fight against the virus. Sufficient quarantine facilities and the availability of medical needs are the plus point to this fight. Recently as per CM’s order, people of Odisha sang ‘Vande Utkala Janani’ to show their gratitude against the COVID-19 warriors. Along with the doctors, medical staff, and police, the common citizens have also contributed towards the glory of this fight.

Odisha, a state which is assumed to be not so developed and backward has indirectly fired a great reply. In this race, the women of Odisha are also leading the fight against COVID19.

Courtesy India Today

Here are some really great examples, where Women are at the forefront and helping the govt to fight against COVID19 Pandemic.

Sujata Karthikeyan:

When the COVID19 scare was in the peak in Odisha and a surge in positive cases, The mission Shakti department led by Sujata Karthikeyan formed the most significant decision by initiating different self-help groups across Odisha and starting the mass production of masks. More than 7000 women are working here to make it available for the people and help the govt. More than 20Lakhs of masks have been manufactured.

Women of Mission Shakti:

Over 6000 women from Mission Shakti from different areas are working to deliver cooked meals to over 3.5 lakhs people in about 5000 Gram-panchayats and hundreds of suburban local bodies.

Sanghamitra Pati:

A scientist and a doctor by profession. She is leading the aggressive testing center of RMRC Bhubaneswar along with Jyotirmayee Turuk to detect COVID19 patients.

Geetanjali Batmanabane and Jayashree Mohanty:

Both of these women are instrumental in converting the AIIMS Bhubaneswar, and SCB Medical Cuttack into testing centers.

Yamini Sarangi:

She is a 2008 batch IAS officer, she is now heading the Odisha state Medical Corporation.

Anu Garg:

She is the one who is tracking all the migrant laborers from Odisha coordinating with the counterparts of other states and ensuring their safety and well being.

Shalini Pandit:

She is working in the health department to conduct the track of contact tracing. She has also gone ahead and involved herself in sample collection.

Sarah Sharma:

Gajapati police SP, IPS Sarah Sharma is also leading an effort to implement lockdown measures seriously, creating awareness against the pandemic through singing and has been traced across Odisha.


Not to forget all the self-help groups devoting their time to help people. They have been the unsung hero of the state.

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