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Some Odia films in 2015 worth watching

Bhauri : The Sinking Reality : Director Sidhanshu Mohan Sahoo has tried to show the real pain of common people in the Naxalite–Maoist area .

Ishq Tu hi Tu : Tarang Cine Production made its Ollywood debut with the film . The film was directed by Tapas Saragharia and features Superstar Arindam & Elina in lead . The movie is about the love journey of a hindu boy & muslim girl.

Check out the list of Odia films released in 2015

Janha ra Pahada : Janhara Pahada is the dubbed version of Bengali film “Chander Pahar” .“Chander Pahar” is a Bengali film which was released in 2013 and is based on novel “Chander Pahar” by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay.


Nua Nua Premare : The film was directed by S.K Muralidharan & the film tells the story of love & break up .

Kie Daba Takkar  : Baba Baneshwar films is made their Ollywood debut with the film “Kie Daba Takkar” .The film was also the debut of Pradip .The film had  bags full of action , comedy and romance.

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Love You Hamesha : The film starring Superstar Arindam , Jhilik & Elina has Friendship , Love & revenge . The story narrates the love of a best friend .


Gapa hele bi Sata : This film shows the different colors of love which changes with age .  The movie features Superstar Anubhav & Barsha .

Pilata bigidi gala : Pilata Bigidi gala stars Sabyasachi , Archita , Papu pom pom , Lipsa . The film is an out n out comedy film &  beautifully made .

Rangila Baba :  Rangila Baba was released just after the Sarathi scam & the story was based on the same . The film stars Kuna Tripathy , Chandan Kar & others .


Kehi Nuhe Kahara : The film is truly a Susant Mani film . The story revolves round a murder case and has suspense in every step . The film stars Abhishek , Elina , Kuna Tripathy , Siddhant Mohapatra , Bijay Mohanty , Samaresh Routray and Others  .


Jaga hatare Pagha :  Superstar Anubhav , Buddhaditya , Jhilik , Elina starrer Jaga hatare pagha expresses an Odia’s love , devotion & belief on Lord Jagannath

Bhala Pae tate 100 ru 100 :  Bhala pae tate 100 ru 100 narrates a new story of love .


Kalki : The film is the best film of  Ollywood Superstar Arindam Roy till date . The film has suspense in every scene & marks a new era in Ollywood .

Hello : Hello is directed by Susant Mani .The films revolve round the life of a Bengali Guy coming to  Puri to fulfill his dreams of becoming a flutist. Actor Sanu & Sushree makes their Ollywood film . The film is one of the sweetest love tale in Ollywood with realistic touch .

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Odia Film News

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