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Shakti Odia Movie Cast & Crew


Shakti featuring debutante actor Karan and Suryamayee of Bhala Pae tate 100 ru 100 fame.The film will be directed by People’s director Sudhakar Vasanth and is produced under the banner of  Snehalata FilmCrafts.The dialogues are written by Ranjit Pattnaik.Abhijit Majumdar has composed the music for the film.The film is all set to release this year.


Cast & Crew of Shakti Odia Movie 

Film Name: Shakti
Director: Sudhakar Vasanth
Music: Abhijit Majumdar
Screenplay & Dialogue: Sudhakar Vasanth
Produced by: Ronak Sahoo & Minati Sahoo
Starring: Karan, Suryamayee Mohapatra, Uttam Mohanty, Aparajita, Mihir Das,Pappu pom pom, Papi Santuka, Rajiv Mohanty, Biju Badajena, Madhu, Pintu Nanda
Dialogues: Ranjit Pattnaik
Release Date: 2018
Post-Production: Phoenix Post Production Facility
Article: OdiaLive.com
Design Layout: Mithunn




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