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Remembering Padmashri D. Prakash Rao : The Tea Seller’s Dream in a Nearby World


Remembering Padmashri D. Prakash Rao:  Watched an old video on the official handle of TedxTalks published in the year 2017 and wondered how come we have missed writing about this amazing video. Every word in the video will provide you positive energy and make you realize that life is not all about how much you earn or how wealthy we are?

In the description of the video, the youtube handle of TedxTalks writes- “Roadside tea-seller D. Prakash Rao extends his bundle of rare experiences to demonstrate the power of will to transform worlds. The talk showcases the dire necessity of education in a fast-developing world filled with disparity, and a most unique and exemplary idea to contribute to the development from the grassroots.


D. Prakash Rao is a 60-year-old tea-seller at Buxi Bazaar in Cuttack, India. However, that’s the only ordinary thing about him. His father was a World War II veteran, and whilst growing up he had to endure the pangs of poverty and premature responsibility. Since age 7, he has been managing his father’s tea stall, their only means of income, after the family fell on hard times. Over the course of years, Rao recognized the power of expression in molding and shaping individual and collective plight. He gradually developed into a polyglot- being able to speak in as many as 6 or 7 tongues. After being a victim to lower torso paralysis 4 decades ago, and being saved by a donation of 1 unit of blood, Mr. Rao gave in to the empath and altruist within him. Today, he is the world record holder for being the highest blood donor in Asia. He runs a primary school for slum children, provides daily milk and nourishment to the students with the proceeds of his tea stall.”

Watch this inspiring video of  Video Padmashri D. Prakash Rao

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