Odia Jatra plays National anthem before the begin of play

As per the order of Supreme Court ,Our National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana…” should be played in all cinema halls across the nation before the beginning of the film and everyone in the halls must stand to pay respect to the National anthem .

OdiaLive team salutes the great initiative by Odia jatra party – Jatra Indrabhubana of playing the National anthem before the beginning of the play.The audience also welcomed the proud initiative. The initiative should be welcomed by all other parties and should encourage to play the national anthem.

Being a true Indian , its our duty to respect our National Anthem & National Flag  .  Here with this article we request to all proud Indian to stand in an upright manner while our National Anthem is being played and request others to do the same .


jatra party odisha

(Image :  Jatra Team of Jagatpur )



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