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Nayantara Miss Mrs & Mr Kids 2023 – A Photostory

Nayantara Miss Mrs & Mr Kids 2023 – A Photostory. During the pandemic era, when the whole world almost stopped, SJ Production started a project to promote the culture and tradition and try to bring out young talents from home to a virtual platform. SJ Production House founded by Saswat Joshi , Global Dance Icon started the initiative Nayantara ,( beauty with a purpose) during the pandemic days. This year, the fashion show successfully completed 3 seasons. Miss/Mrs India Nayantara decided to keep this in Online format then grand finale week in person.

This year Sj productions also organised the show in a resort near Bhubaneswar from 12th to 15th July 2023.

Here is the photostory of Nayantara Miss. Mrs. & Mr. Kids. 2023

Nayantara Miss Mrs & Mr Kids 2023 – A Photostory


nayantara-saswat-joshi nayantara-saswat-joshi nayantara-saswat-joshi nayantara-saswat-joshi

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nayantara-saswat-joshi nayantara-saswat-joshi

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