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Facts about Narendra Pokhari or Narendra Pond


Puri is one of the  Char Dham pilgrimages in India and is also one of the 7 holy Indian cities. The holy city is also one among the most revered cities for Hindus across the globe. The beach here is wonderful for swimming and perfect for watching the sunrise and sunset. Puri’s top attraction is the highly revered Lord Jagannath Temple, famed for its Chariot Festival.

The city is also named after Lord Jagannath as “JAGANNATH DHAM”. Apart from Lord Jagannath temple, there is a lot more for the visitors or the tourists to visit. Some of those are the Narendra Pokahari / Narendra Pond, Bhakta Salabega Samadhi Pitha, Bada danda (The holy road), Gundicha temple, Lord Lokanath Temple, Mata Matha, Sun temple at Konark, etc

Facts About Narendra Pond/Pokhari :

> The serene and sacred holy pond can be visited on your way to Puri Jagannath Temple.

> Narendra pokhari is a prominent landmark of Puri. The sacred pond is famous for the local activities during the famous Chandan Yatra Festival held between the month of June and July.

> In this 42-day festival, the three main deities of the temple are taken on a procession to the pond where they are cleansed with sandalwood.

> This is followed by a boat ride in this pond which is known as “Chapa Khela”. The pond is a sight to witness as locals celebrate the festival with pomp and show.

> The visitors can also witness the laser light show in the evening time.

Facts about Narendra Pokhari

Things to do Near Narendra Pokhari

1. Pattachitra Centre

2. Utkalika

3. Grand Road Market

4. Jagannath Temple

5. Magaj Laddu & Sirini outside Temple.

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