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Mu Tara Kiye ! Review

mihir das

Mu Tara Kiye ! is a good film to watch out with friends and family. Even you can watch alone .  The film is directed by Basant Sahoo.Bikash Das has composed the music of the film . The film stars Mihir Das , Yukttaa , Hara Rath and others.

The film is queit different from other Odia Films of the recent times and can be said as the trend setter . The story completely narrates the life of a college girl . The film begins with a challange and revolves round the magic band that Nandini (Yukttaa) ties in her hand and believes that when the band is with her , nothing is impossible . With time she has to face a challenge to make the old man Pitamber (Mihir Das) fall in love with her in a period of 30 days . Mihir Das in the character of Pitamber is worth watching .He makes you laugh , he makes you feel your old age . Some scenes will remain with you for a long time . Actress Yukttaa as Nandini is glamorous.You will witness a complete different Yukttaa , you watched in Swayamsidha. Actor Hara Rath  screen presence  adds flavours to the film .   The music is slow and sweet and Bikash Das has made wonders with his composition . The film can be counted as one of the wonderful film of director Basant Sahoo.While coming out of the cinema hall , you will be praising the director , actor , actress for such a wonderful movie .

If your looking for a original sweet film , then Mu Tara Kiye ! will gift you with all that you want . You can go , watch the film and come out with a refreshing mind thinking of Pitamber and Nandini (with a smile in your face) .

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