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Mitare Mita tate khojuchi mo Gita from the film I Love You


Mitare Mita tate khojuchi mo Gita from the film I Love You: The movie which gifted Ollywood Superstar ‘Anubhav Mohanty’ and the song ‘Mitare Mita’ which made millions of fans love the debutante actor Anubhav Mohanty. Finally the male version of the song Mitare Mita is on youtube. The song is sung by T.Shourie and music composed by Swaroop Nayak. The song was released on the official Youtube channel of Brajraj Movies – Basant Naik Entertainment.

Brajraj Movies most successful film “I Love You” has always been special for all Odia film fans and the film is re-released much time on silver screen with UFO & 5.1 Digital Sound. While fans are waiting for the film to release on youtube or television premiere, the production house has just released the evergreen Odia song ‘Mitare Mita tate khojuchi mo Gita’ on youtube.


Superstar Anubhav & beautiful Namrata made their Ollywood debut with this movie & now they are at their peak of Success. The film was directed by Hara Pattnaik.

Cast & Crew of I Love You Odia Film

I Love You

Released on: 11 January 2004
Screenplay & Direction: Hara Pattnaik
Story & Produced by Sanjay Naik (Tutu)
Production Co.: Brajaraj Movies
Screenplay & Dialogues: Dr. Subodh Pattnaik
Cinematography: Niranjan Dash
Editing: Chandrasekhar Mishra
Art: Rabi
Choreography: Murali
Action: Judo Ramu
Costumes: Nirmal
Makeup: Haresh
Stills: Prasanna Senapati
Singers:  T. Shouri, Kumar Bapi, Ira Mohanty, Tapu Mishra & Manmath Mishra
Lyrics & Music: Swarup Naik
Cast: Anubhav Mohanty (Debut), Namrata Thapa (Debut), Bijay Mohanty, Anita Das, Tandra Ray, Niharika, Kanta Singh, Harihara Mohapatra, Salil Mitra, Jiban Panda, Saroj Das, Pintu Nanda, Niranjan Pati, Keshab Rout, Susmita Mukherjee, Mamani, Manoj Pattnaik, Saheb Singh, Swarup Naik, Anshuman and Hara Pattnaik
Genre: Action, Romance


1) Bajana Banshi
2) I Love You (Group Song)
3) I Love You
4) Jiban Sata Sure
5) Jou Jhia Pain
6) Mita Re Mita
7) Om Sai Nada

Mitare Mita tate khojuchi mo Gita from the film I Love You

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