Cuttack Durga Puja Updates

Maa Gada Chandi 16 Besa 2023 – Cuttack Durga Puja 2023

Maa Gada Chandi 16 Besa List 2023.  The Gada Chandi temple is a few km away from the famous Cuttack Chandi Temple and is situated near Barabati Stadium. Deer Park, Horse Gate, Barabati Fort are the other tourist attractions near the temple. The temple is being decorated with colorful lights and decors during Durga Puja. The holy temple is dedicated to Goddess Gadachandi.

While localities visit the temple throughout the year, for tourists the best time is during Dussehra & Navaratri. You can also visit the temple throughout the winter.


Maa Gada Chandi 16 Besa 2023

06.10.2023 – Maa Gadachandi Besa

07.10.2023 – Suna Besa

08.10.2023 – Kamala Besa

09.10.2023 – Saraswati Besa

10.10.2023 – Kali Besa

11.10.2023 – Gajalaxmi Besa

12.10.2023 – Harachandi Besa

13.10.2023 – Bhubaneswari Besa

14.10.2023 – Tara Besa

15.10.2023 – Annapurna Besa

16.10.2023 – Raja Rajeswari Besa

17.10.2023 – Bagala Besa

18.10.2023 – Narayani Besa

19.10.2023 – Gayatri Besa

20.10.2023 – Mahalaxmi Besa

21.10.2023 – Maha Saraswati Besa

22.10.2023 – Mahakali Besa

23.10.2023 – Bana Durga Besa

24.10.2023 – Mahisa Mardini Besa

Maa Gada Chandi 16 Besa List 2023

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