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Silver filigree work of Cuttack


Silver filigree is locally called ‘tarakasi’. It is a silver craft, which has captured the imagination of the people world over. It is one of the exquisite traditions of silver craft.

Silver filigree is mainly a decorative item that adorns the women folk. This art form is in vogue because of its unique craftsmen to produce exquisite, decorated, classical oriental and modern types of items. The silver filigree work of Cuttack is locally known as ‘tarakasi’ and has a Mughal/Persian artistic influence. The Mughal designs have been incorporated in this pristine art. There are of course same sort of identical art forms found in Indonesia, which shows that the trade relations with these countries in the 12th centuries and 15th centuries had an immense influence on this silver filigree work of Cuttack.

Filigree work, a lineage inherited art genius of Odia’s, constitute a part of the work of the silversmiths. For their traditional and hereditary calling they are locally called ‘roopa banias’ or ‘roupyakars’. They have been trying hard to maintain the craft fidelity not withstanding the necessity drawing auxiliary work force from other sources by keeping trade secrets.

Also check out some amazing Silver Filigree works 

Cuttack durga puja bhasani 2015 (4)

(Silver Filigree works in the Tableau of Goddess Durga during Durga Puja , Cuttack)




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