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Lord Jagannath Temple Hyderabad


Lord Jagannath Temple Hyderabad – Lord Jagannath Temple is located in the MLA colony at Banjara Hills of Hyderabad. It is one of the finest Jagannath temples in the world. It is said that this is a replica of the original Jagannath Temple of Puri (Odisha) in the context of design. The most attracting portion of this temple is its “Shikhara” (the peak/top) measuring around 70 feet in height.

The color of the temple is according to the usage of sandstone (around 600 tonnes were brought from Orissa which is being used to build this whole architecture) and around 60 stone carvers got the blessing to carve this temple.

There are shrines dedicated to Lakshmi, along with Shiva, Ganesh, Hanuman, and Navagrahas. The amorous sculptures are also found to represent the innermost feelings of a human being and this explains to keep them outside the temple always while entering. The sanctum sanctorum houses Jagannath along with his siblings.


Lord Jagannath Temple HyderabadLord Jagannath Temple Hyderabad

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