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Maa Cuttack Chandi 16 Besa List with Dates – 2019


The people of the millennium city of Odisha strongly believe Maa Cuttack Chandi as ‘The Living Goddess’. Maa Cuttack Chandi is worshiped in various incarnations or Besas during the Durga puja festival & Navaratri. Maa Katak Chandi Temple is one of the ancient temples of Odisha dedicated to the Goddess Chandi, the presiding deity of Cuttack, Odisha/Orissa. The temple is located near Barabati Stadium & to the bank of the river Mahanadi.

The temple is famous for the annual Durga Puja and Kali Puja festival. The Durga Puja festivities are prominent in Maa Katak Chandi temple which takes place for 16 days starting from the dark fortnight of Ashwina Krishna Ashtami till Ashwina Shukla Navami and Vijayadashami. The goddess sits and rules on the heart of the ancient city. She has four hands holding Paasha(noose), ankusha, gestures dispelling fear(Abhaya), and granting boon(Varada). She is worshiped as Bhuvaneshvari (the queen of the universe) by Sevayatas belonging to Utkala Brahmins every day.

The Sodasa Puja upachara Besa or Incarnation of Goddess begins from the day of Mula Astami. The besa begins from Mula Astami and ends on Durga Astami. Everyday Goddess is worshiped in a new avatar. The millennium city of Odisha is also known as the land of Goddess Durga or Saktipitha. The Besa begins in various temples including Katak Chandi Mandir, Gada Chandi Mandir, Haripur Maa Dhakulei Mandir , Maa Mangala Thakurani at Dolamundai, Jombu Durga Machuabazar, Gelha Dei Temple Thoria Sahi, Bagha Mangala and Maa Basanti Durga of Mangalabagh, Maa Jharjirmangala, Sarala Mandir of Tala Telenga Bazar, Maheswari Mandir Uppar Telenga Bazar & Durga Mandir Chauliagunj.

Disciples from various parts of the city & state come to have darshan of various Besa of Goddess Cuttack Chandi during this period of time.


If you are in Cuttack during Durga Puja then you must visit the temple & also visit Maa Gadachandi Temple. You can also have a glimpse of nearby Chandi Medha including Seikh Bazaar, Chandini Chowk, Kafla Bazaar and Alisha Bazaar.



Here is the List of 16 Besa of Maa Cuttack Chandi 2019 –

21.09.2019 – Suna Besa,Sahasra Kumbha Abhishek

22.09.2019 – Suna Besa

23.09.2019 – Bhubaneswari Besa

24.09.2019 – Matangi Besa

25.09.2019 – Sodasi Besa

26.09.2019 -Narayani Besa

27.09.2019 – Raja Rajeswari Besa

28.09.2019 – Jayadurga Besa

29.09.2019 – Ugratara Besa(Beginning of Navratri)

30.09.2019 – Harachandi Besa

01.10.2019 – Banadurga Besa

02.10.2019 – Tripura Bhairabi Besa

03.10.2019 – Gayatri Besa

04.10.2019 – Bagalamukhi Besa

05.10.2019 – Mahakali Besa

06.10.2019 – Mahalaxmi Besa

07.10.2019 – Maha Saraswati Besa

08.10.2019 – Mahisa Mardini Besa

09.10.2019 – Suna Besa

The Darshan timing for disciples is from 5.30 pm onwards.

Odia songs on all Besa of Maa Durga –



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