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Listen Radio Days music album


Radio Days is dedicated to the memory of the legendary Akshaya Mohanty and the AIR, Cuttack of that sizzling era of freshness and innovation.Five decades ago in Cuttack “The Silver city of Odisha” and in Odisha at large, Radio was God.it was the sole arbiter of cultural excellence and the sole purveyor of good music and drama. Akshaya Mohanty (Khoka Bhai), the enfant terrible of modern Odia music, was earnestly a product of the radio, where he was born, and where he evolved to finesse.

“Radio Days” is a compilation of eighteen songs, which he and his songwriter Devdas Chhotray created mostly in the 1960s, and in more ways than one, it marks the beginning of an epiphany, which later constituted the brand “AKSHAYA MOHANTY”.




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