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Listen Odia Laxmi Purana by T-Series

About Manabasa Gurubar : As per Odia Calender “Panji” Margasira/Magusura masa(Month) Goddess Lakshmi is being worshiped almost by every Odia’s in the festival called “Manabasa Guru Bara” . The Festive is one of the biggest festivals of the State.The beauty of the eve is mostly witnessed in villages of Odisha where the day starts with cleaning the house with broom-sticks, as it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi would never visit the house if the house in dirty and untidy.The house entrances as well as the door steps of the house are plastered with either cow-dung paste or red soil &  the house is decorated with artistic Odia’s alpana (called chita).A pot made of bamboo canes (called adda diba) used in the olden days for measuring paddy (known as mana) is filled up to the brink with freshly harvested paddy.Beautiful sketches are drawn on it to welcome the Goddess. This is called ‘Jhoti’ in odia(Like you can see in the above picture by Priti Art and Graphics). Popular contents of ‘Jhoti’ include ‘Lakshmi-Paada’, the footprint of Maa Lakshmi, Lotus, Her favourite flower and other beautiful creations. Western Odisha people used to call it as ‘Margasira Gurubar’ or more clearly, ‘Magsir Gurbar’ or “magusura gurubara”.Women folk practices a vrath called “Margashira Gurubar Brata/Osa.In Odisha , it is   believed that “as Maa Lakshmi, the  Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, visit every home who calls her with heart in Margasira month .

Bhajan: Odia Laxmi Purana
Album: Laxmi Purana

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