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Listen Hati saja kara modern Odia album by Susmita Das

“Hati Saja Kara” is a musical procession of sixteen poems of legendary Odia poet Devdas Chhotray chosen from his oeuvre.Their journey started nearly forty-five years ago when the legendary musical genius of Odisha late.Akshaya Mohanty took a fancy to the writings of Devdas, then a young student in Ravenshaw College , and together they virtually painted the town of Cuttack red.They not only brought in new forms & idioms, but made the lyrics the statements of the protagonist of the modern times.Despite the limitations of the staid radio-singing of those days, many of the songs are still hummed with intimate nostalgia.nostalgia. Susmita Das & Om Prakash Mohanty have now laid them out again , with some fresh additions,all dressed up with new caparisons,and in new panoply.

About Susmita Das Singer  :  Regular artist in the AIR, Cuttack and various TV channels. Regularly performs in stage shows and cultural events both in and outside Bhubaneswar, including those in Rourkela, Sambalpur, Angul, Delhi, Mumbai, Dehradun, Jamshedpur, etc. She is also a renowned Odia singer across globe .On an average she performs in 3-4 such shows in a month. In the All India Radio her renditions include modern Odia songs, devotional songs and Odissi. In the stage shows she sings mostly Hindi and Odia film songs, devotional songs, ghazals, modern non-film songs, Odissi and semi-classical songs. She specializes in Hindi and Odia film songs of yester years.

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