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Listen Deha Videha – Odia Buddhist Tantragan by Susmita Das

Odia lifestyle and culture is influenced Buddhist philosophy for over 700 years. Tantrik Buddhisim which is originated in Odisha has spread worldwide.Deha Videha is a presentation on this subject.You will appreciate the original writing of Haraprasad Das and masterly composition of Omprakash Mohanty .

‘Deha-Videha’ is a unique music album on ‘Tantrik Buddhism’. Tantrik Buddhism was once extensively preached and practiced in Odisha during 7th to 12th Century AD. It has been created from the contemporary mystic poems of Sri Haraprasad Das, set to music by Sri Omprakash Mohanty and rendered by Smt. Susmita Das. SP Thakur, IAS, a Buddhist has recited the chants.

Odisha has been identified as the Uddiyan Pitha of Buddhist theology. It is from Odisha that Acharya Padmasambhava went to Tibet and founded “Lamaism” there.

Buddhist remains at Lalitgiri, Udayagiri and Ratnagiri bear testimony to the spread of Buddhism in Odisha. Odisha could as well be the crucial missing piece of doctrinaire Buddhism, because it is here that the secrets of most of the esoteric quests of Buddhism lay buried under rites, rituals, symbols, metaphors and pure sounds.

Deha Videha

Song: Odisha Buddhist Tantragan Audio Juke Box
Album : Deha Videha
Presented by : Mitu Music
Singer : Susmita Das
Music : Om Prakash Mohanty

Tantrik Buddhism, is the generic name of the 3 ‘Yanas’ (vehicles) or systems viz. Vajrayana, Kalachakrayana and Sahajayana. The key element of ‘Vajrayana’ is the realization of ‘Shunyata’ or emptiness. The key element of ‘Kalachakrayana’ is the realization of the human body as the seat of the whirl of time and the epitome of the Universe.

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