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Komal Sikha’s You are not Mine

Komal Sikha’s You are not Mine: If you like love stories, then you must not add You are not mine … to your collection. This is another coming-of-age story dipping into love, romance, friendship, career, and everything else around her life. It was simple until she falls in love with him. It gets complicated because he is committed. And it never begins, but ends every time. And then the beautiful gang of friends is the easiest and greatest escape, thankfully.

What makes the story special is… It’s Fate vs. Destiny, God vs. goodness, happiness vs. peace, commitment vs. compromise, and above all a beautiful dream vs. the scariest truth. You are not mine … is the debut fiction by Komal Sikha. The fiction drives love, romance, and friendship, and nature, down the beautiful and peaceful lanes of Pondicherry with You Are Not Mine… Still, I am scared to lose you!

About the Author: Komal Sikha is a newbie in the writing world. Now that she is in, and loves this world thoroughly, she plans to go on and not to settle down any sooner. With her first fiction out here, You Are Not Mine… that she happily tags it as… a ChickLit.

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She turns twenty-three along with this book; she hopes the best is yet to come. She is born in Kolkata, lives in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. She holds a master’s degree in English and Comparative Literature from Pondicherry University and in her past time, she is a full-time reader, blogger, nature photographer, takes up social well being. In real life, she is a do-it-with-passion person.

Komal Sikha's You are not Mine

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