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Karna’s Alter Ego’ reviews

Karna’s Alter Ego’ has been drawing readers attention. It has received 12 reviews so far – Eight of them are 5 star reviews and Four are 4 star reviews.

Here are some reviews:

Indumati rated it 5 of 5 stars : Surendra Nath has done a great job of blending mythology with a contemporary story. Comparing Vasu’s
situations with Karna’s is offbeat style. I liked the way Karna appears to Vasu and helps him in every situation. Whether Vasu is dreaming it up or Karna is really appearing? The author has cautioned the readers that they need patience in the beginning. As you turn the pages and reach halfway through, the
story speed picks up and finally it ends at a galloping speed. The last chapter is a thriller. Good build up of story. Flawless style of writing.

MANOJ rated it 5 of 5 stars : What a forceful story, with a message! The message – never be disheartened with the results; go on
trying hard, results will come. Similar to Gita gyan. Vasu struggled all his youth, and faced humiliations, like Karna. I enjoyed the dialogues between vasu and Karna. The author has stood by the Kauravas and showed us another side of Mahabharata. Who is Karna? Is he Vasu himself? Surendra has left
a lot to the readers’ imagination. The situations are similar to those faced by common people, and Karna’s advices to Vasu are practical necessities of living a dignified life. The chapter on rape of Vrishali and Vasu’s acceptance of her speaks volumes of the confidence of a self-made man. The author has used strong metaphors to bring alive everyday problems faced by Vasu.

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MONALISA rated it 5 of 5 stars : An offbeat story that mixes mythology with a modern day story very effortlessly. How does Vasu, living
in the present times, see Karna of the ancient times? This magic is created by the author nicely. Vasu learns many lessons from him because Vasu is also losing his life’s battle just like Karna. The comparisons of both characters are very interesting. The mythological scenes seen from Karna’s point of
view throws a new light on Karna’s character. Very engrossing story,especially the last parts.
Shyam Sunder rated it 5 of 5 stars : Surendra Nath’s ‘Karna’s Alter Ego’ is a no non-sense re-examination of the Indian mythological
character – Karna. In the conventional sense of the term, there is hardly anything ‘romantic’ about the theme, yet all men who think have been subjected to gross injustice, and all women who think are selfless when it comes to loving their family would see themselves in the protagonists. Some non-
negotiable realities of quotidian human existence are honestly portrayed in the novel, with commendable lucidity.

Banashree Singh rated it 4 of 5 stars : Surendra Nath’s ‘Karna’s Alter Ego’ is a near perfect amalgamation of age old values and fervent
yearnings of the modern world. Vasu, the embodiment of everything human finds solace and encouragement, in, surprisingly, of all the people, Karna, the perfect antithesis, who had it all yet, didn’t. Deft handling of a sensitive plot makes it a must-read amongst the younger generation looking for a direction in life.

ANITA KARAN rated it 5 of 5 stars : This is a book of legendary literature with modern flavour of the child Vasu’s psychology which is
aptly depicted in the character itself.The beginning,the school days,promise,romance,work in the air,family each one is sparkling with the flow of the story.
This is a very good creation by the writer.The title is befitting too.

Nigel rated it 4 of 5 stars : A well-written book that keeps you interested all the way down till the end.A unique yet refreshing plot that spurs you along as you read. A good book for all the book lovers out there.

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Maithili rated it 5 of 5 stars : Recommends it for : To all the people who believe in doing the good thing.As I read the book, I started wondering that the thought of wanting to make it big in life or being something that would make your life worth it comes to everyone. This book shows how a simple village
boy who does not even have the means to feed his family has been able to create a life that is filled with growth and great life lessons, and most importantly due to his belief (his alter ego – Karna). This book makes you want to choose the good paths in life inspite of all the hardship and feel the
bliss of coming out on the other side with grace and having done good.

A book that makes you want to be righteous and feel great while being so.




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