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IIC Dhiren upcoming Odia Movie

A young girl gets murdered. The hero of the film “IIC Dhiren” gets the charge to investigate the crime. The hero encounters the culprit but the murders didn’t stop there. The number of murders increases day by day. But the truth comes out and the hero is the culprit. But Why? For that, you have to watch the film.

IIC Dhiren Cast & Crew –

Banner – Maa Dhanalakshmi Production
Direction – Ajay Ratha
Producer – Dhiren Tripathy
Music – R.K Rabikumar & Kali Prasad Panda
Co-Producer – Smita Tripathy
Choreographer – R.K Rabi Kumar
Star cast- Dhiren Tripathy, Arpita, Ipsita, Sritam Dash, Jiban Panda, Choudhary Bikash Dash, Nupur Ghosh, Chita Jena, Dhira Mallick, Suman.

IIC Dhiren upcoming Odia Movie
IIC Dhiren upcoming Odia Movie

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