How Digital Marketing will help Ollywood ?


Lakhs of money is spent every year in Ollywood for advertising. The most asked question is – Are they getting substantial returns on their investment? Are they able to target the right segment of the audience who would actually be interested in their product as in whatever it is a movie, a documentary or a TV serial? The answer will be perhaps no!

Then why are the trendsetters not able to recognize the trend of marketing and switch to digital than still practicing the same old traditional marketing and splurging money like anything.

Let’s go ahead and see how digital marketing can help Ollywood and your business:-

Specific Targeting :

Spending money in promotion is not a big issue if you get an appreciable amount of customers by doing so. By advertising on TV, Radio, newspapers or through posters you simply broadcast your information to the masses and who all would interested will become your customers however how about if you can specifically target your ads to these ‘who all’.Certainly, you will get better results and will save a lot of money too. This is what you can do in digital marketing. Whether they are the ads on search engines or various Ollywood websites, they are only displayed if your buyers’ persona matches your ads. So, depending on your product, you very well know what part of the audience will need it and that through digital marketing you can extend your offer to only that part of the audience. Chances of any miss outs on it are kind of negligible here.

Cost-Effective : 

Not only you can put across your message to the right segment of the audience but you also save a lot of money in digital marketing. You only spend where you need to and that too far lesser than what you were paying in the traditional marketing.

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Measure it at its every part :

The best thing about digital marketing is that you can monitor traffic and results and optimize your advertising campaigns accordingly. The tool called analytics in digital marketing helps you measure different ad campaigns with respect to traffic and other results. Thus, you get to have a better idea of what part of your budget is bringing results and what part is going waste so that you take actions in view of that.


Customer Engagement : 

Being interactive in design digital marketing lets the customer interact and get engaged. Unlike traditional marketing, where the user has the command to browse through whatever they wish to, making it far more interactive and engaging. Gone are those days when your audience will entertain your ads even on getting interrupted by you while they are on their go. They would simply change the channel on TV or radio, or overlook the ad in the newspaper. No one loves interruption marketing now. Recognize this trend and switch to digital marketing. The sooner you switch the better results you gain.

Generating awareness for your business and spreading business defying all geographical constraints are something that you can do with traditional marketing as well the only difference is that in digital marketing you do the same thing at relatively very low cost and in a more specifically targeted way. In simple words, digital marketing is far more effective than traditional marketing and that too at relatively very low cost.



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