Hon’ble PM speaks about tea seller from Cuttack in Maan Ki Baat


Watching, Listening and reading about someone from your city, state always make us proud.The happiness becomes endless when The Prime Minister of India talks about the greatness of people of your city or State.Today in Maan ki Baat, Hon’ble PM of India spoke about a Tea seller of the silver city of India ‘Cuttack’. Mr.Prakash Rao, the tea seller from Cuttack is a teacher to 70 slum children, and a regular blood donor.Prakash Rao has been in tea business in Cuttack since 1976. He is also a celebrated social activist and a teacher to over 70 slum children in the city. He is also a regular blood donor who has saved 192 lives by donating blood.

In the year 1960, Prakash’ father started a tea shop in Cuttack,Odisha. He was a WWII soldier. He never really encouraged Prakash to attend school, saying it would yield nothing good. He was forced to sell tea along with his father, Prakash never gave up on his interest to learn. Today, he’s not just a learned man but has also been investing 50% of his earnings to run a little school where he educates more than 70 slum children, India Today reports.


Mr. Prakash suffered from paralysis in 1976, after which he spent six months in a hospital. When he recovered, he learnt that someone had donated blood to save his life. Two years later, Prakash donated blood for the first time to save the life of an accident victim. Since then he has donated blood to save the lives of 192 people over the years. He also has a squad of emergency blood donors who are ready for help at any time.



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