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World Famous Sarees made in Odisha

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World Famous Sarees made in Odisha. Odisha the land of Lord Jagannath is  known for the origin of  various handloom items. Famous Names of handloom Items with places of origin orissa or odisha like, Sambalpuri Saree, Kotpad Saree, Nuapatna Saree, Bomkai saree, Bapta Saree,  Pasapalli saree, Khandua saree , Tanta Saree, Sonepuri saree, Berhampuri saree Mattha saree, Tussar Saree .

Sambalpuri Saree : It is a traditional handwoven Ikkat sari or saree where in the warp and the weft are tie-dyed before weaving. It is produced in the Bargarh, Sonepur, Sambalpur, Balangir district, Boudh District of Odisha. The saree is a traditional female garment in the Indian Subcontinent consisting of a strip of unstitched cloth ranging from four to nine metres in length that is draped over the body in various styles .

Kotpad Sarees :  Kotpad is a place , a block headquarter on the boarders of Chattisgarh and Odisha in Koraput district ,about 80Km from  Koraput district headquarter .While this is famous for kotpad  sarees , the place is also famous  rice and art and craft  The kotpad sarees  have brought greater attention on the place . The weavers knit the dress materials using natural dye to colour them . The dye is made from the extracts from the roots of a tree.

Nuapatna Saree : Nuapatna is famous for Khandua Silk and Ikat sarees.

Bomkai saree : Bomkai saree is named after a small town Bomkai where it is Produced .Unlike Sambalpuri Sarees , these sarees also have touches of ikat work. Bomkai sarees feature threadwork ornament borders and pallu.

 Bapta Saree : Bapta is basically a design of the famous Sambalpuri sari. The originality of the saris is its `Baandha` or `Ikat`. This a technique of tie-dye of yarns by which you derive at a fixed pattern.

Odisha IKAT Sarees : There are different IKAT Sarees but Odisha ikat silk saris have fine count silk yarns, normally metallic finish and dyed to perfection. The indigenously procured silk yarns are best suited for these saris and have an excellent finish.

Pasapalli Saree : Pasapalli is one of the several variants of Sambalpuri sari.  Pasapalli sari is a hand woven sari made of silk fabric and has a beautiful and exclusive `aanchal`. Pasapalli sari is woven mainly in places like Sonepur, Barpali and Baunshri.

Khandua saree  : Khandua sari , “The pride of Odisha “is a popular sari made of silk. The saree is weaved in Nuapatna, in the district of Cuttack. This Khandua sari is used by Lord Jagannath of Puri Dham one of the most auspicious place for Hindus. A very ancient civilization though, the sari is devoted to the Lord from 16th century, as the belief goes. However, its origin dates back to the 12th century.

World Famous Sarees made in Odisha

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