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Hindustan Times Editor Apologizes For Not Mentioning Odisha As Fani Affected State !


After skipping Odisha‘s name from the list of ‘Fani cyclone’ affected states on its flap page, a few days back India’s driving English daily newspaper Hindustan Times triggered a massive outrage on social media and especially among the people of Odisha.

On 4th May Edition a day after the severe cyclonic storm Fani, Hindustan Times on its first page left out Odisha’s name. After the print copy surfaced on social Media, it got massively trolled and criticized by many individual & groups.

Hindustan Times stated, “The impact of Fani was felt across India, particularly in parts of West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh & Jharkhand”

A huge brand a leader in Indian print media like Hindustan Times will never want its readers or viewers to judge it om the basis of a single mistake. Therefore a quick sorry from Hindustan Times did the damage control.

The editor twitted- I am sorry that the flap (page 1 plus of HT) left out Odisha in the intro, which is a huge blunder. The front page of the paper says it correctly, but that’s small consolation.




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