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Gupchup film review by actor Partha Sarathi Ray

Gupchup film review by actor Partha Sarathi Ray : Raja is one of the biggest festival in Odisha. The festival is also a great time for Odia film release.  After 2 years of pandemic, the film makers are back with their releases. This year four Odia films are released.

Premam starring Siddhant Mahapatra, Babushan & Prakruti Mishra & others.
Dil Mora Manena starring Swaraj & Shivani & others.
Biswanath starring Sambit & Sambavana & others.
and Gupchup starring Amlan, Sunmeera, Mihir Das, Papu Pom Pom, Sailendra & others.


All the 4 films are released in theatres and getting mixed reviews. Here we have a review of film Gupchup by one of the leading face of Odia Cinema, actor Partha Sarathi Ray. Check out.

Watched a genuinely good Odia film after a long time. After last years CHARITRA, Raati Sari Sari Jauchi, this years surprise FOUR if any film could engage me it’s GUPCHUP.

The best part of the movie is it’s layered screenplay and treatment of some scenes. The story has been well written by Manas Padhiary. The star and protagonist of the movie is Amlan & the story revolves around him and his 3 phases of Love. I had not seen much of Amlan Das but I loved his performance here and his character graph in the time transitions. His school time incarnation has been played by debutant Shailendra who makes a confident debut & performs with lot of energy. His school age love interest has been played by another debutant Aurosikha Mishra who’s equally good. I’ll not give the spoilers of what happens in his different phases. Animesh Panda also plays a nice Cameo👍

Then in college the character is played by Amlan himself and his 2 constants and best friends since school Pammi played by Ashwin Ray Mohapatra who’s really good in some scenes and Shreya( I don’t know her name) who’s really natural and good in every scene. Here his love interest is played by Ananya who has given another brilliant performance after last years Charitra. In fact one of the best expression in the movie comes from her where Amlan’s character (Anni) gives her a condition to join their group that she can’t be sad. That transition in her expression was magic, beautifully captured by the DOP Akshay Kumar Nayak who has shot this entire film beautifully making it engaging. In the third phase his love interest is played by the supremely talented Sunmeera who’s brilliant and makes the second half engaging with her natural performance.

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Prithvi Raj Pattnaik

Debutant Himagni Dutta who holds the thread of the movie (Sutradhar) takes the story forward with her confident performance. The acting part is really good with genuine contributions and good performances by all the artistes including a cameo by Papu Pom Pom who’s himself as usual and an emotional cameo in the climax by the legendary Mihir Das. Generally in Odia films emotional scenes are treated so half hazardously and immaturely with bad BGM that it becomes torturous for the senses. Here the BGM by Nabs has been apt , soothing and goes well with the scenes. The credit for that goes to the HERO & Captain of the ship the Director Prithvi Raj Pattnaik who has handled the subject very sensibly and sensitively. The editing is crisp and done well by Manas Kumar Sahoo. Two songs were very good. Maahi Maahi and the modern rendition of To Akhi Mo Aaina .

A round of applause to the entire team especially the young producer Aniket Das who has supported the film well and it has come out really well. Friends please go and watch it and share your feedback. It’s Rajja time and trust me this film won’t Disappoint you. Enjoy this Rajja with Gupchup.

Gupchup film

Once again congratulations team Gupchup.

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Partha Sarathi Ray

Review by actor Partha Sarathi Ray



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