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Gote sua gote sari Reviews

After watching “GOTE SUA GOTE SARI”, I would say the film is a great Valentines Day treat for Superstar Anubhav Fans.Presentation wise the film is nice.

STORY: The story starts with a truck accident and then went to flashback to Lalu and Priti’s love story.The movie-goers can expect another Odia commercial film of love , comedy ,emotion & action starring Ollywood Superstar Anubhav & Barsha Priyadarsini.The film also stars Minaketan,Pragyan,Salil Mitra in different roles.

REVIEW: The story starts with an truck accident & then went into a flashback mode and the audience was introduced with Lalu & Priti . Lalu (Anubhav),the simple boy from a barber family of Bargarh who worked in a garage and loved a neighborhood girl Priti (Barsha)  a medical student & daughter of Sriram Panda (Minaketan) .

If you summarize the film in these few lines, it’ll sound like  a romantic emotional love story with different shades.But, that’s not the case. While making this film, the director made various sensible decisions.These decisions or rather choices made this film very different from the others with a sweetest definition of love.


The story of the film revolves around an accident.The film has only one action sequences but audience will never get bored and last but not the least, the climax of the film is quiet emotional & touchy.

Its the first time young comedy sensation Pragyan is working with Ollywood Superstar.Priti was adorable as the simple and very-much-in-love with Lalu. FinallyFinally the director had hit a sixer with the climax of the film.Many shivered in their seats and some of the audience were spotted with tears in their eyes as they watched how life changes in a few seconds.



In a time when mindless action movies be the biggest box-office hits and pseudo-intellectual directors waste money on films nobody cares about, this film felt like a breath of fresh air. If you can ignore some confusions that occurred in the non-linear story-telling, this is the film you can end or start your year with.

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