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Ganesh Puja Mandaps in Odisha to be seen decorated with new concept, design and creativity

 ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ Celebration will be celebrated on 13 September 2018 with much pomp and gaiety.  The day is celebrated with kids wearing new colourful dresses.  Schools and Colleges are all set with their plans for decorating their campuses with colorful lights and other decorative materials. Lord Ganesh is known as the Lord of knowledge and prosperity, so students celebrate this festival with much devotion. Following the rituals,  students do fasting and take Prasad only after the ‘Puspanjali’. The festival is celebrated in almost every family as because Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts, sciences, and God of intellect and wisdom.

The festival is not restricted to Educational Institutions, Families and individuals but a grand event celebrated in thousands of clubs and mandaps.  The festival is celebrated in almost every village and cities of the state. Thousands of  Puja Pandals have been erected to do Puja by different clubs and associations. These organizations have been spending in lakhs for decoration as well as different cultural activities. Devotees of the locality are seen gathered on Puja Mandaps to offer Prasad to Lord Ganesha. Several Ganesh Puja committees have tried to build Ganesh images something new and unique. Materials used in preparing the idols ranged from expensive pearl bids to raw coconuts, Ping-Pong balls, mung-dal, cut-glasses, peacock feathers, shells, coins, etc. Besides, puja mandaps have been created presenting themes of episodes not only from mythology but also from incidents of the recent past.

The idols of Lord Ganesh with creative touch is seen mostly in Cuttack & Bhubaneswar.  The celebration also marks the season of festivals in Cuttack . Ganesh puja will be followed by Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Baliyatra.


Lord Ganesh Idol In Flags – Ganesh Puja Cuttack


Tallest Lord Ganesh Idol in Cuttack  

Lord Ganesh Cartoon Idol with Flags – Ganesh Puja Ranihat Cuttack

Lord ganesh puja cuttack 2013 Lord Ganesh Idol in Artificial Flowers – Ganesh Puja Cuttack

Ganesh Puja in Odisha 2013Lord Ganesh Puja Mandap – Ganesh Puja Jagatpur, Cuttack

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