Ganesh Puja Celebration in Jagatpur


jagatpur KhardasahiIt is said that lord Ganesh Puja is the beginning of the festive season and Odisha is best place to witness this . Cuttack which is known as The Silvercity of Odisha is also known as The city of Festival. Like every year Ganesh Puja is celebrated with a new well decorated gates featuring different beautiful locations across the world with colorful decorative lights and crackers . People from nearby places like Choudwar,Nimpur comes to have darshan of Lord Ganesh. The gathering forms like a small Mela .

Last year we updated you with celebrations of the festive from different cities of  our state and like wise , this year we will also bring you the regular updates of the festival . Check out the Some updates from the last year celebration of the Puja of The God of Knowledge .

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