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4 famous festivals celebrated in Cuttack


Cuttack is known as the city of brotherhood (bhaichara ra sahara) . The city where a Hindu sales laccha and sweets in Eid & greetings , Christmas tree in Christmas , a  Muslim makes decorative items for Goddess Durga and a Christian participate in the immersion process of Goddess Durga. The city of festivals where every festival is celebrated with great pump and show , be it eid , new year or Dussehra. If you have not visited the city yet then must visit once in life and the best time to visit is from August  – March, as almost all the big festivals are celebrated in this period of time.

Here is the list of 4 famous festivals celebrated in Cuttack –

Ganesh Puja: The festive season begins with lord Ganesh Puja every year and in Odisha, Cuttack is the best place to celebrate the festival. About 2000 clubs and puja committees participate in the celebration. Like every year Ganesh Puja is celebrated with well-decorated gates featuring different beautiful locations across the world with colorful decorative lights.  more …   

ganesh puja 2014 odisha

Durga Puja: Durga Puja is the most famous and the biggest festival in the millennium city. About 150 Puja committees participate in the festive. The preparation for the festivals begins 2 months before. The unique is the festival is the grand way of celebrating and the golden, silver ornaments used to decorate Goddess Durga. more … 


 Cuttack Durga Puja Photos, Wallpapers 

Kali Puja: Unlike the famous Durga Puja or Dussehra Festival, the silver city of Odisha “Cuttack” is also known for the Goddess Kali Puja. Just a fortnight after Durga Puja, people across the city gears up for Kali Puja and Diwali celebrations.  People celebrate this occasion with fervor and gaiety. This year the cyclone Philin ruined all the fun of Durga Puja, so the katkis (People of Cuttack) has eagerly waited for the eve. In the millennium city Cuttack, around 65 mandaps will be erected worshiping the dark-colored deity with a garland of human skulls, tongue piercing out and stepping on a lying Lord Shiva. more…

bhakrabaad kali puja in cuttack

Baliyatra or Karthik Purnima: Bali yatra is held over 37 acres, of which 23 acres are on the Mahanadi river bed and 14 on Kila Maidan near the Barabati fort. The historic Bali Yatra began in Cuttack on Thursday. The fair beginning from the full moon day of Kartik is organized every year as a reminder of Odisha’s rich maritime past. The fair visited by lakhs of people will continue for seven days. more…

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