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6 Entrepreneurial Lessons that entrepreneurs can Learn From Babu Bhaijaan


Entrepreneurs are the best observers and believe in learning from different sources. Be the source of inspiration is a Dahiwara from Cuttack or some character from a movie. When it comes to learning an entrepreneur leaves no stones. Here is a recent released Odia movie based on a real-life story that has a lot of things for someone who is interested in the word business.

Babu Bhaijaan is the film and the role played by Arindam Roy can be your role model. While the film is inspired by the real-life of Abdul Amin Khan (Babu). The film shows the life journey of Babu from the slums of Balasore to the golden streets of business paradise.

The film has many things to teach. Here are 6 entrepreneurial lessons that every entrepreneur or Management students can learn from Babu Bhaijaan : –

1. How successful you are, always be down to Earth.

2. Give all your achievement credits to your team.

3. Thank God for your success.

4. Even at the top of the Game, never forget where you started?

5. Never forget your family’s contribution to your life.

6. It is your team who works to make your dream into reality.


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Cast and Crew of Babu Bhaijaan

Released on: 12 January 2020
Director: Tapas Sargharia
Story, Screenplay & Produced by Santosh Narayan Das
Production Co: Khwaja Garib Nawaz Production
Dialogues: Santosh Narayan Das & Debidutta Mohanty
Editor: Rajesh Dash
D.O.P: Rabindra Behera
Choreography: Girish Mohanty
Action: Rajesh Kannan
Lyrics: Arun Mantri, Panchanana Nayak, Nirmal Nayak
Music: Malay Mishra
Cast: Arindam Roy, Sivani Sangita, Bobby Mishra, Mihir Das, Sritam Das, Samaresh Routray, Pushpa Panda, Santosh Narayan Das, Bidusmita, Pradyumna Lenka, Suresh Mishra, Subhankari, Pooja, Dev, Deepak Mishra, Chaudhary Bikash Das, Rabi Mishra, Shyam, Golok Moharana, Kabu & others
Genre: Drama


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